SE98-HG4 Anestesia Machine

SE98-HG4 Anestesia Machine

The SE98-HG4 Anestesia Machine is equipped with an accurate dedicated anaesthetic vaporizer and a safety device for preventing cyanosis and necessary alarm system. During the anesthesia, the patient’s respiratory functions can be managed by using a microcomputer controlled pneumatic electrically controlled synchronizing anesthesia respirator

Part Number: CF5J-95VN

Respiratory Rate: 1~99bpm

10.4 '' LCD Display Screen

Mode: Pneumatically powered and electrically controlled system

5 Tubes Flowmeters: O2:0.1~10L/Min, N2O:0.1~10L/Min; Air: 0.1~10L / Min

Rapid Oxygen Flush: 25~75 L/min

Safety valve: <12.5 kPa

Output power: 1-60W (is adjustable), The default output is 5W

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